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Default "Doctor Sleep" movie

Saw "Doctor Sleep." I thought it was great. A worthy sequel to "The Shining" that feels very much organic to that, with plenty of Kubrick-like touches. I don't know if it was ever SCARY, but there was more than a few chilling moments and some surprising brutality in what the "steam vampires" do to people, particularly children. It expands the mythology of "The Shining" without torpedoing it in the process... like "Dark Fate" did to Terminator's.

Didn't think Danny needed to die at the end (yeah, it makes it a LITTLE vague if he survives, but the way it was presented there's no way). It ends things on a really dour note that it didn't need to. I think he survived the book, too.

Also, it's just me, but I was hoping we'd get some kind of CGI magic on the Jack Nicholson stand-in to REALLY make him look like young Jack. Maybe even with Nicholson's voice dubbed in. Even without that, I was expecting a little bit more from Jack than what was here
, but it's not a problem.

Apparently it's set to lose 20-30 million, though... sad. This deserved to do really well.
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