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Ok I did my own research and here is the full context. Because every now and then I read about that time Hal and Powergirl did whatever so I think is time to put that to rest.

This is 2 issues before the Hal and PG thing

The next issue Aquaman breaks up with PG (PG says they need each other but Aquaman rejects PG and says he cant need anyone, he being haunted by the memory of his wife and becouse they are teammates and a couple issues later Aquaman resigns the team making it obvious it was becouse of her et cetera)

It does involves some memory erasing, Hal doesnt even know who he is or how to use his powers (so powergirl likes Hal when hes not being Hal?)

Then next panel this happen
Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post

Later in JL International when PG feel she is pregnant

Also I just realized this is white streaks Hal so who according to Geoff Johns 'logic' it was all Parallax...?
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