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Default Will Kyle ever get revenge on Sinestro for his mother's death?

In the debut special of the Sinestro Corps War, after ripping out the Ion entity from Kyle and stripping him of his powers, Sinestro famously revealed to Kyle that he was responsible -- via his Sinestro Corps member Despotellis -- for the murdering of Kyle Rayner's mother. This plot thread seemed to get swept under the rug even by the end of the event, where Kyle is all smiles when he gets a Green Lantern ring and barely even angry at Sinestro as he double-teams him with Hal (in fact, Hal seems angrier at Sinestro than Kyle here, and Sinestro didn't even do anything to Hal).

Later on Kyle would fight Sinestro... but not for any particular reason, and not so much as a word was mentioned about Sinestro killing his mother. Not one. And at the end of the fight, Kyle would get punked by him. Again.

When is Kyle ever going to get his revenge, or at least some measure of justice for his mother's death? I'd have been fascinated, with both Kyle and Sinestro possessing their own books right now, to see a 2 issue crossover just between those books to finally bury the hatchet.

I'm not saying one of them has to die, but it needs to be fucking addressed.

Personally, I believe that when Geoff decided he want to conveniently forget about all the other horrible, horrible things Sinestro has done (including, I don't know, the wiping out of whole space sectors and the trillions of lives therein during the 80s) and wanted to try and redeem him to some degree for some reason, things he'd written like Sinestro killing out a major GL's mother might run in the face of that... so the mandate became: "Don't mention it again."

*Note: For those who doubt whether Sinestro killing Kyle's mom is even in canon anymore, while the actual death of his mother occurred at the end of the Ion maxi-series, the big reveal that Sinestro was her killer happened in Sinestro Corps War Part One, literally Issue #1 of the never-ending event that didn't conclude until War of the Green Lanterns (or whatever Geoff's last event was... they all blur together)... written by Geoff Johns. And it's treated as the very reason that Sinestro is even able to put Parallax into Kyle -- without the mother revelation, Kyle would have resisted fear.
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