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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Davos View Post
Maybe they decided not to revisit that storyline after deciding the longterm goal for Kyle was to be an omnipotent hero. If he was going to be the carrier of the white light, harbinger of life, healer, giver of all that is good and awesome, bearer of goodness, titles, titles, would be very unseemly for him to go on a quest to get vengeance on Sinestro for murdering his mother. Even bringing him to justice on SOME level goes against where Kyle was heading (AND for where Sinestro was heading for that matter).
Well, they could have still addressed it without doing a whole revenge plot. Maybe he masters the White and seeks out Sinestro... and "forgives" him.

In retrospect, it comes off like Geoff Johns wrote it because it seemed badass at the time...then he immediately regretted it once the issue hit the stands. I think he writes stuff he regrets all the time, and doesn't think things through.
I bet this is absolutely what happened.
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