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Default Which GL Will DIE?!?

Hal is in 'The Green Lantern' relaunch. John is in Justice League. Cruz is in JL: Odyssey. And lastly (and thankfully) Kyle is hanging with Donna Troy in another form of Titans.

Ladies and gentlemen that only leaves two GL's that could be the dead Lantern in Heroes in Crisis. Could it be the end of Baz, something many of us have asked for? Or will Guy finally meet his end (again, lol)?!

Place your bets.

I'm hoping its Baz to further cement the end of the Geoff Johns era of the mainstream DCU. DC's stable includes the more than capable writing talents of King, Snyder, Bendis, and Morrison.... I can't wait to see what happens in the near future post-HiC and post-Doomsday Clock.

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