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Sweet Jeebus, REDUCE THE SIZE OF THOSE IMAGES, ya poozers!!! This thread is taking FOREVER AND A DAY to load for those of us that don't have cable or fiber-optic broadband connections!!!

Have some consideration for others when you post images!!!

If you can't find smaller copies of those images from the original source, here's what you do:
  1. Save the image(s) you want to post on your hard drive in a location of your choosing.
  2. A) Use any photo editing software you might already have to resize the picture to a more appropriate size (no larger than 800 x 600 MAX!) and save the smaller version, or B) download and install IrfanView! It's a great, simple piece of software that allows you to easily resize and crop photos, and it's 100% FREE!
  3. After resizing the pic, save it as a JPEG, as JPEGs are noticeably smaller in size than other file types. For example, a GIF or PNG will be a larger file, sometimes several times larger in terms of the number of KBs when compared to a JPEG, and will therefore take a lot longer to load.
  4. Upload the now smaller version of the image to the online photo hosting site of your choice, but make absolutely CERTAIN the site allows HOTLINKING of images stored on the site. I recommend Photobucket for this purpose. Those that use geocities or other sites notorious for NOT allowing hotlinking will be summarily disposed of in the appropriate manner! -->
  5. Once you've got the image uploaded, either A) copy the messageboard IMG code provided by your photo hosting service, and paste it into your post, or B) copy the image's URL, and use the Insert Image button on the message posting window to insert that image into your post.
See! Do you see? It's just that simple!

--JTC (Who currently gets a whopping 130 kbps on his internet connection... which IS faster than dial-up... but only just. )

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