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Originally Posted by GLJIMT View Post
yes its a 3-pack of the Infinite Heroes 3.75 line

we seemed to have all missed this (sorry for the sideways deal, but thats how its loaded)
See, this pic here is a PERFECT example of what I'm talking about! The frakkin' thing is 3,072 by 2,048 pixels!!! There's absolutely NO reason to post a picture that frakkin' huge! That's roughly TWICE full 1080 High Def resolution! That's just too damn big to display on a computer monitor! I don't know ANYONE that runs their computer monitor at a resolution anywhere NEAR that high!! And there's at least 3 pictures that large in this thread!

Here it is resized to a more appropriate resolution... and I rotated it to fix that problem, too!

Makes me want to look at the DC Direct Black Hand again to see which one looks better. Something definitely looks... off with this one. Maybe the fact that his costume isn't BLACK, for one thing!

(Sorry, Jim, buddy. I'm NOT picking on you specifically... I just took the opportunity to fix the rotation of that picture for you while I was making my point at the same time. )
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