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Sheesh! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people post a LINK instead of just posting the pictures!

Allow me to rectify the situation:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian

Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl

Matthew Goode as Ozymandias

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach

Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre

Rorschach is spot on, the Comedian seems right, Nite Owl looks updated but still cool. As for the others, I'll have to look at the comic again and compare them.
Originally Posted by Maverick_GL View Post
Interesting. I've never read this comic, only heard about the movie. This is the first I've seen with the Film adaptations of the characters.
You NEED to read it... NOW!!! Watchmen is certainly THE BEST comic book of the 1980s! But it's also been called, by some, the Greatest Comic Ever Created! It represented a ridiculous number of Firsts in the industry, and forever changed the way the readers and the creators looked at superhero comics. Go for the Absolute Edition!
Owlman looks strangely like someone else...
Well, number one, he can be seen as a riff on Batman! The Night Owl movie costume is very reminiscent of modern Batman movie costumes... such as the ones seen in Batman Begins and the upcoming The Dark Knight.

But more importantly, he's ALSO reminding you of The Blue Beetle! You see, when Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons were first working out the story of Watchmen, they had wanted to use the characters that DC had acquired from Charlton Comics... Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, the Question, etc... but DC told them "NO!" So, they ended up creating new characters that fulfilled the same archetypes. Blue Beetle became Nite Owl, Captain Atom became Dr. Manhattan, and the Question became Rorschach!

Look at the background of the Nite Owl image. That's his vehicle behind him... a vehicle that looks remarkably similar to the Blue Beetle's flying beetle ship.

I'm definitely looking forward to this. BTW, those that are concerned about the movie leaving out lots of cool, important material can look forward to the DVD release! While the "Tales of the Black Freighter" pirate story scenes will NOT be included in the theatrical release (due to time constraints) they WILL still be filmed, as an animated film, to be included on the DVD release! This was recently confirmed by the fine folks over at Mania.Com (formerly known as Cinescape.Com)
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