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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
At four dollars a pop, the floppies won't sell at Walmart and Target. Only aging nerds who go to comics shops will dish out that kind of money for funny books. But if DC would print the floppies on newsprint, and lower the prices as much as that would allow, then selling floppies at Walmart and Target might be feasible.

A six-panel grid, which would get more story into each comic, would also make the floppies more attractive to new readers. Those are the people DC needs to market to, not the old cranks who are buying their comics now.
A better idea would be finding a way to not do the floppies at all. They're too expensive, don't sell well enough, and no one today wants to consume their entertainment like that except for people who have been doing it for decades and there aren't enough of those people. People like to get whole stories upfront and binge on stuff now. Waiting a month or two weeks for tiny increments isn't in vogue.

Honestly... DC might make more money crowdfunding graphic novels. Say to people, "if you want a Green Lantern story, pledge your money upfront, and if it meets our expectations, we'll make it and print it. If it doesn't, well, we know the demand wasn't there at this time and we won't waste our money producing it."

I think crowdfunding is the future of comics, whether the mainstream jumps on board with it or not. If the mainstream doesn't, Marvel, DC, and even Image will start seeing more and more stiff competition from indies. They'll probably start feeling it more when or if big creators start going that route more instead of working for them (or in the case with Image, working with them). Seriously, why work with any of those guys when you don't have to and you can make even more money? If you're talent, you're not likely to get rich working for them. Heck, you might not even be able to live very comfortable from your work for them alone, unless you're one of those artists from Brazil or Indonesia or somewhere like that. DC hires so many of those people because their pay rates aren't enough for someone in America to live very comfortably, except maybe whatever they're paying the very top echelon of creators, like King or Snyder.

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