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As a book reader I appreciate the slower beginning. Build up is important for a well established story. I'm sure a lot of people want to see serious action (massacre) by the Red Lanterns in the beginning. I often find over-stimuli dies out quickly if given too early or too abundantly.

Red Lantern Corps is facing an uncertain future. Atrocitus spent his entire life seeking revenge on Kronas, only to have it taken by another. His goal was gone and rage subdued, it's only reasonable for him to introspect. Frankly, Atrocitus is the only one capable of deeper thoughts as well as being the leader and direction for the Corps.

Atrocitus wants to select an assistant, whom I don't believe is Bleez. We saw her insolence earlier and her meddling of other Corpsmen. Besides, Bleez seems busy with Kyle on Earth on his journey. I suspect that another Red Lantern would be chosen, possibly the Earthling we saw in issue 1.

Hopefully we see some rile up in the next issue. There shouldn't be too much peace and quiet on a planet full of ragers.
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