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Originally Posted by IonFan View Post
omg i just realized this issue show us once again just how great Kyle is, think about it the 1st time Hal becomes a god he goes crazy right off the bat this time he give it up after 5 minutes cause he fears going crazy again. Kyle on the other hand became a god for a week but gives it up cause S-man was all jealous and sh!t (plus it was the only way to restart the Corps), then he became a god once again for a year this time til Sin. pulled it out of him, then he became a Super-Lantern (for like 5 minutes) but had to give it up cause the power was too much for him, now he's got the power of a god but he's still only human (til DC took that power away from him for some reason)
Are you sure you read it? He didn't go crazy at all. He just didn't want to stay a god. So he did everything he needed to do and gave it up. He wasn't having a breakdown or anything. He just decided it would mess with his fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants mojo and calmly (even rationally--going over the options with his ring) undid it.

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