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Originally Posted by BaronTheRed View Post
Really enjoyed this issue. Felt really nice and I enjoyed the set up for the dynamic between Baz and Jessica. Knowing Johns co-wrote this makes me curious as to how the book will be as Humphries writes it solo. Excited for Green Lantern for the first time in a while though!
Originally Posted by TorchBearer2814 View Post
Just finished reading it. Really liked it and how it sets things up
Me too, which surprised me since I don't particularly care for either character.

Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
. . . I'm also a bit disappointed that we didn't really get to hear much of Jessica's voice come through in this issue, I felt like we got a strong dose Simon and that's pretty much it...
Actually, though, the bit where she meets up with her sister struck a chord with me since I'm a bit agoraphobic (my family would say more than a bit) and I could easily echo some of those thought boxes.
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