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Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
I guess I'll be the lone voice of dissent and say I haven't cared for Bendis on the Superbooks. I read the Man of Steel mini and dropped it due to him shoving Lois and Jon to the side. Gave that issue where Lois comes back a shot and didn't care for it either.

As for the sales specifically however it's been pretty clear from the beginning that Bendis on the Superbooks wasn't having the kind of effect DC was hoping for, sales are pretty similar to the previous runs rather than up their with Tom King's Batman.

It was probably promised to him and put into his contract in order to lure him over from Marvel.
From what I gather he wanted to write Superman after visiting a friend's Superman museum in Ohio, and his contract was almost up with Marvel. It doesn't sound like he needed to be lured to the dark side, TPTB probably just figured he'd turn heads and sell more books. So far he's barely managed to do one of those.

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