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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
I can't see them just getting rid of Guy and Kyle like that. They'll have to do something with them if GLC is going and Hal is joining Baz and Cruz in GLs.
GLC will not be going on, and Hal Jordan is getting his own title.

If you really pay attention, the only Green Lantern that editorial really values is Hal Jordan. And that isn't me complaining about anything, it's just me stating the fact as I see it.

DiDio apparently said that this series is meant to recenter the franchise on Hal Jordan and show why he's important. Now... the franchise has been more or less centered on Hal Jordan for 15 or so years, and he's pretty much been the only Green Lantern who has been important. After all, his name was on the title of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Despite that being a dumb, unwieldy, and not particularly marketable title, DC still made it a point to tell readers Hal Jordan was the important character in that book, and then there was everybody else behind him. What need is there to recenter things on this character when it's already centered on him? If you read between the lines, I think what was being said is that DC wants to focus Green Lantern on just him, and these other Green Lanterns, even if they are ultimately unimportant, detract some from focusing on Hal Jordan.

What this instance tells me is that even when sales are poor when Hal Jordan is at the helm, current editorial will take that out on all those other unimportant Green Lanterns and just reset things back to Hal Jordan again (again, just stating things as I see them). Previous editorial regimes would switch leads for a time, or have a more even team book, like the original Green Lantern Corps title, but not this regime. If Hal Jordan doesn't work out, they'll just try Hal Jordan again and try to find a way for him to work out. Those other characters will not get a worthwhile shot, and this is what largely makes them unimportant. We've seen that over the past 15 years. One can make a flimsy case for Baz and Cruz, but they were still behind Hal Jordan's shadow as I saw it.

So, if the only Green Lantern that matters is Hal Jordan (from editorial's point of view), and if you can only sell maybe one Green Lantern book, because the market hasn't shown much interest in buying more than that, what point is there to all these other characters? Since DC seems to see things like that, I can certainly see the powers that be whacking some of these other Green Lanterns or removing them.

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