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Default A Call To Arms And Action STOP SOPA!

I don't have access to Qward so I don't know if its being talked about there or not. However there is a MASSIVE legislative threat to free speech and internet freedom, security and functionally.

SOPA or "Stop Online Piracy Act" from the U.S. House Of Reps, along with it's sister bill from the U.S. Senate the "Protect IP Act" will destroy the internet as we know it. It totally undermines and removes the DMCA free use rules and gives corporations free license to censor the internet.

It allows a "Rights Holder" to file a claim against a website to the hosting service of that site and have it removed completely and have it blacked out via DNS Blocking along with a requirement that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search services delist those sites from their crawlers. Sites such has Youtube, Facebook, Photobucket, Myspace, Twitter, and personal blog sites could and possible will be taken down as a result of these new regulations.

The bills in their current forms allow for no grace period, no judicial oversight and no ability to fight the copyright claim. SOPA also allows for criminal charges to be filed and sentencing to federal prison time for copyright infrindgment as specified by the "Rights Holder".

Let me make this clear, Whole sites will be taken down for a claim for content on a single page. Even if said content was user created and posted. The Sites Will Be Closed. This would also effect this site. DC or WB could make claims against the images we have on this site of their copyrighted characters.

I urge everyone to get involved, either yourself or if your underage your parents to call your federal representatives in DC. Voice your opposition to these bills.

You can find both of these bills located on this page.

Also there was a article posted that lists members of the House and Senate who have been basically bought off for their votes on these bills. There is a full list in this article. If they represent your district or state make a louder noise and tell them you do not approve of them taking money from fundraisers run by lobbyists.

Article Here http://reporting.sunlightfoundation....A-consponsors/


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