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Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
So I think I'll knuckle up pretty soon and get Shadowkeep so that I can play Season of the Undying in Destiny 2, since I find the "Undying" seal to be fairly appealing. Hopefully the grind isn't especially tedious, and hopefully people won't judge my punk ass for skipping Forsaken so that I can get a limited-time reward I like.
I really want to play Shadowkeep, but have been laid up in a hospital for the past few weeks. I watched some vids, and a lot of the stuff looks cool, and apparently they brought a bunch of D1 multiplayer maps back, so I'm super excited to play it... just gotta focus on physical therapy a while longer to get to it. Hopefully the Season of Undying lasts a few months so I can get some of the stuff from it.
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