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Never Hike Alone (2017)

"F***ing sponsors!"

See Horror thread for deets.

The Nanny (1965)

"It's all been lies, hasn't it?!"

Hammer thriller with Bette Davis in the titular role.

Terrifier (2016)

"He thinks what he is doing is funny because he's laughing. But I know it's not funny because they're all dead."

Originally Posted by Parrylakks View Post
Rewatched CREED and CREED II on the hospital's edited movie list. Good movies. It was kinda funny hearing all the replacement words like an old 1990's TV edit, and I do remember the final fight in the second one being a bit more brutal, but still.
I haven't watched an edited movie in years because I don't really watch TV, but the funniest I remember was seeing JFK on broadcast as a kid and there was a lot of "mother Fletcher"s mentioned.

Hope you're getting better/closer to discharge. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals myself.
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