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Originally Posted by Sylent_Asassin View Post
Well, a little backstory on Snoke would have been nice before turning him into a jigsaw puzzle, though. Plus, he was built up to be this omnipotent dark Force user, yet he couldn't see a betrayal from an emotionally unstable Kylo coming?

Yeah, I'm sure they're not going to leave us with Rey's parents as drunkards and bums, especially if they're going to continue the "Force is strong in my family" and "midichlorians" spiel. Rey had to be the daughter of someone who was a Force user
Well, there really are continuing the "Force is strong in my family" and "midichlorians" spiel, but people are linking that to the wrong character. The Skywalker bloodline continues in Kylo Ren. He may not the Skywalker name, but their bloodline flows threw him.
His entire goal was to be like his grandfather, Darth Vader.

And Kylo was not going unstable. He actually grew in knowledge in the scene with Snoke. Once Kylo learned that Snoke was reading his mind, he disguised his thoughts and let Snoke know that he was going for the lightsaber to kill his enemy. I don't think you should discount Kylo's strength in the Force. He is the grandson of Anakin and has enough rare power to give Luke a scare; a scare that cause Luke to want to kill him.
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