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I saw TLJ over the weekend for the second time, and as most people said, it is a little better the second time around. It still has the same glaring issues that I mentioned before (Canto Bight is still useless, Leia's space walk is still stupid, Phasma still sucks, etc.), but I appreciated it more this time.

Many people hated how Luke was portrayed, but as I mentioned previously, that's not a far reach from Obi Wan and Yoda's characters. Both were strange, old hermits who ran away and secluded themselves. I could have done without the "blue milk" scene, but the rest of it paralleled Kenobi and Yoda for the most part... and Luke's final stand would have meant more if he faced Kylo in-person rather than using Force chicanery.

I still have a problem with no backstory on Snoke. Ed articulated his reasoning quite well on it because it destroyed the happy ending of RotJ, but for me, this is a guy who single-handedly rose from the ashes of the Empire and built a new one, the First Order, corrupted Kylo Ren, made him turn to the dark side against Luke, kill Han and destroy the Jedi temple and its disciples/students. Snoke also demonstrated great power and Force wielding ability, which alone should warrant some kind of origin before treating him like a Voltron Ro-Beast and offing him.

I realize that people are saying, "But, Palpatine had no origin story at the time," however that was 35 years ago. Expectations change in 3 decades. Besides, back then, people were more focused on the ahead-of-its-time effects.
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