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Default Crisis Server - No one to play with

Hey all;

I got a LVL 30 Fire/Hand Blast (Junkydude - My 5 yer old named him) and I'm always stumped in my attempts to finish Alerts/Raids/etc. I'm not a member of a league becuase everyone I have joined has like 4 dude who are never on. When I get into the "first Available" whatever, everyone drops out in like a minute and I can never finish anything. Very frustrating as I last 5 seconds in any of the hard modes becuase my armor is complete shite.

Anyone got any friends or leagues who can help me armor up? I'm on 4-5 times a week from about 9pm-12 EST. KNow anyone who is on who can team up/got a good league/anything?

Thanks in advance.
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