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I've had really high hopes for this movie, and after seeing it on Utube, my hopes are still just as high. I really think this one will be the best of the first three animated DVDs they do, in no small part because Darwin Cooke is heavily involved. Overall, (IMO) I think it's the best story of the three. It was my favorite mini series the year it came out (better than Identity Crisis ended up being), and the art is BEAUTIFUL. Plus, at it's heart, it's a Hal Jordan coming of age story. How could this NOT rock???

I know some of the smaller subplots will have to be pushed aside to get the meat of the story, but I'm looking forward to all the little nods and wink winks that will surely be in New Frontier. I want to see them bring to life characters like Barry Allen, King Farady, the Challengers, the Suicide Squad, the Losers and others. They just better not amp up Bats, Supes, or WWs roles any more than what was in the comic! If other characters get shorted for story needs, fine. But don't do it to expand those three roles! They're all getting their own solo DVDs next year, and this should be a story about Hal Jordan and his silver age contemporaries. Those three tend to dominate stories they're in by their very nature, so that's really my ONLY concern about the whole project.

Anyway, hopes are high on this one. This COULD be the animated classic we'll all be discussing ten years from now.
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