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Originally Posted by WildArms View Post
Well, it just so happens I purchased FFX/X-2 HD Remastered about a week ago and boy do I feel disappointed. I mean -nostalgia aside- I know it's a great game and all, but they hardly did anything other than clean up the faces (only the playable characters) a little and edit some of the soundtracks. At this point I feel Final Fantasy is just rehashing things for a little extra cash at the expense of the fans.
You can't forget that you also now have the international version. Enjoy fighting the Dark Aeons and Penance. You also have to remember you obtain a cinematic cutscene transitioning between X and X-2, along with X-2 itself being Remastered (also the international version) along with the extra mission after that.

That being said, just because they only made a few things look nicer, you still get that much more content for not even full price.
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