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Originally Posted by Vaegrin View Post
And if they're on this team together, literally the only human beings within light years of each other
That's part of the problem. We have no idea how they react to each other and yet a pairing is already being proposed. Why? Just because they are the only two humans and are of the opposite sex doesn't mean there has to be a love story in there. There is plenty of life in an idea of functioning as team mates or as part of an un-easy alliance.

Carol has spent years being the love part of Green Lantern to the point where they retrofitted her identity as Star Sapphire with some ill defined love powers. How can you take Carol seriously if every story she's in involved in is spent clinging to a man? Kyle has already had 3 romantic relationships form defining points in his life and his career. Why go back to that? They've done it 3 times already.

I say enough of the constant romantic baggage with Kyle and Carol and let them engage in a different story and a different dynamic.
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