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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
Love the original TCM. The remake was awesome and one of the only horror remakes to actually be worthwhile. The prequel to the remake might even be better. I flipflop back and forth on which one I like better.

Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the old series are terrible, and get worse in that order. Though there are some aspects of part 2 that I find entertaining. When I upgraded my horror movies from VHS to DVD, I got rid of those movies and pretend they don't exist.
Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
Just stick with those three. They're all great. Forget the others.

This Halloween the new TCM sequel is coming out, which is supposed to act as an actual sequel to the original Hooper film and forgets everything else. I was prepared to avoid it altogether, but there are some people working on it that give the movie a bit of a pedigree. Now I'm going to give it a shot.

But I'm still let down that Platinum Dunes didn't get to do that 3rd film in the remake series; I was really hoping for one in the middle where we got the story of the female hitchhiker.
Sounds fantastic.
Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
LOVE Alien and Aliens. Classics that should be in everyone's library. Fuck Alien 3, 4, and the 2 AVP movies. They don't even exist in my world.

I'm PUMPED for Prometheus and can't wait to see it in the theater. I love that it appears to be a new story that merely ties in to Alien, and not just another Alien movie. And it looks great.
I hated 1. I just found it a bit boring and there wasn't ennougth action. I loved 2, it was fantastic. I was disapointed with 3, it was a bit boring, and as for 4, it was ok, but not outstanding. I aint seen the AVPs in a while, so I renember hardly any of them.
Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
A) Thought the first Wrong Turn was a decent flick and entertaining. The 2nd and 3rd were dogshit.

B) I wanted Tommy to be the killer with part 6 and part of me has always been letdown that we never got to see where that might have gone. But I love Jason as a monster so much and enjoyed 6 and 7 for the fun zombie/monster flicks that they are...that I can't help but forgive them.

C) See it. One of the funnest times I ever had at a theater seeing a horror movie. The place was filled with guys like me who grew up with the franchises. People were cheering and popping at all the right spots.

D) I loved that there were over a dozen people set up just to kill, but even in their short times on screen, so many of them were hilarious. And Reggie The Reckless? Demon? Fucking classic!

"Damn enchilladas!"
A) I liked 1 alot, 2 is one of my favourate films of all time, 3 was a bit disapointing, and I haven't seen 4.
B) I wanted Tommy to be the killer too! The franchise would have been more than just a slasher, it would've been a physcological thriller!
C) Sounds great!
D) Yeah.
Originally Posted by chivalrous View Post
I really don't get the appeal of slasher films and Zombie flicks bore me.

On the flip side, I loved Event Horizon, Trick'R'Treat, (Laars Von Trier's) Kingdom, and Let The Right One In. Where the horror is very much supernatural and often doesn't get fully explained so the horror follows you out of the cinema as you work it out in your own head.

I like my horror to be something where the intensity builds throughout the film but isn't just there for the next 'jump' moment.

Deadpool, British Lantern if you're interested, there's a great independent Horror film festival held in October at the Sheffield Showroom (usually the weekend before Halloween) called Celluloid Screams. Tickets are around 60 which covers the Friday Evening shows, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Have a look at the Website if you're interested. (It should go without saying, over 18s only)
So, you're not a fan of slashers and zombie fulms hey. I thought let me in was good too. And i'm not botherd about the festivel, I prefer to watch things in the comfert of my own home! Thabks for telling us though.
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(even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
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If I had things like the internet and a laptop as a kid, I never would have left my room as a teenager.
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