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Default Kyle Changing Teams?!

It's no secret by now. DC Comics has used Kyle in various teams and series to try and get an established fan base into the next big thing. IDK about the rest of you, but back during Countdown to Infinite Crisis Kyle really got me hooked on the earlier books and later the other characters and concepts affiliated with Rann/Thanagar War. Then there was that new Challengers From Beyond team featured in a series of one-shots as well as issues of Countdown. Though I didn't like how the series ended, New Guardians also appealed to a lot of fans of the colored Lantern spectrum.

With HJ & the GLC being a bit overcrowded do you think Kyle being featured on another team would be better? And would you want him back in something from before like the JL, something reimagined for the post-Rebirth universe, or something completely new?

Gonna make this a poll, so voice your opinions people!

I'd personally like to see something new in the form of a cosmic team of heroes. Throw Kyle in there with Martian Manhunter, Tigorr, Comet, Orion, Duplicate Girl (if they're gonna use more than Phantom Girl in a different team) and Starfire and there would be so much win.... and later somebody could be switched out for Adam Strange.

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