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Interesting stuff. It sounds possible that DC's sales at Walmart have been sufficiently strong that the company is seeing the comics shops as, at least to some extent, expendable.

I thought at the time that the expansion into Walmart was a terrific idea, and apparently it was. The fact that they're sounding out Target as another place to sell comics seems to confirm this.

DC took pains to announce recently that sales in the comics shops will remain at the core of their business. But who knows, maybe they'll change their mind about that.

Let's think about the unthinkable for a moment here -- that DC finds a way to ditch the shops. That might very well shut the shops down, which would deliver a huge competitive blow to Marvel. Marvel is already far behind in finding new outlets, as DC seems to have locked up the nation's two biggest retailers, Walmart and Target.

Let's face it, for the comics companies to sell their products at comics shops makes no sense in today's world. That distribution system is archaic.

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