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well people don't give me too many strange looks for reading any one comic but if/when they see my bag was loaded (from time to time) with 30-40 comics well.....anybody's going to get stared at for that!
at anyrate we get two issues of

This week.
First, the conclusion of The Third Law.
Entropy is doing well against the Corps by keeping them fighting his constructs as individuals instead of as a group. Ganthet argues that the time of secrets is over and that Hal and the New corps should be told why all of this is happening.
One reason is that Entropy is the Spirit of Krona which was released accidentally by Dawlakispokpok when the latter was attempting to stop Krona's initial attempt to see the beginning of time. (uhhhm, I'm pretty sure you guys already know Krona's story so I'm not gonna go off on a tangent about that here as to Dawlakispokpok, well, he was the primary antagonist in the Stand Alone adventure Ganthet's Tale.)
in the end, the Corps finds a way to make contact with the Chosen who are trapped inside Entropy's huge form and together they destroy Entropy. Finally Ganthet explains that humor is not merely an emotion but in actuality a Universal trait which is necessary to the continuity of the Universe (Which is why they brought in G'Nort)
Then, It's Christmas and Hal and Carol are going to Jim Jordan's house for the Holidays. Jim's kids are all excited to see Uncle Hal, (at this point, none of them are aware that Hal is GL btw) and The Evil Dr. Light (who was dead up to this point btw) appears looking like a cross between himself and Firestorm and attacks from the lights in the Christmas Tree.
........This is one of those issues that made me scratch my head a lot. It's so far off the field from the regular story lines in GL that instead of being a light-hearted break from the heavy action, (which was needed by that point) It became this big relationship drama.
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