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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
I watched that two parter with Flash and Arrow. The Arrow part was terrible. The crossover definitely didn't win me over and get me to put it on my watch list. I think the Flash show is getting better, though it has a long way to go.
Yeah, I wasn't terribly impressed with the Arrow portion, either. Maybe it's because I haven't been watching Arrow, though.

And could somebody that does watch Arrow please tell me that "You only call me Sweetie when you want something" bit is not as overused on a regular basis as it was in this episode? I mean it was cute the first time, but how many times did they use that? 4? 5? It was too much for that one episode, how ever many it was, IMHO. I'd hate to think regular viewers have to put up with the catchphrase that often on an ongoing basis...
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