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Default Comedy Club Uses IPad Facial Recognition To Charge Customers


just imagine going to a Kevin Hart show, and you see a iPad in front of you measuring how much you laughed that night so you can pay for your experience. How much money you think that you would spend? Don’t worry that won’t be happening in any Kevin Hart show, but a comedy club in Barcelona, Spain. The comedy club is called Teatreneu, and they don’t charge for admission. However, they do charge per laugh.

Teatreneu is charging 0.38 euros, which should about $0.38, and the maximum that they would charge for a show is 24 euros ($30) per show. According to the theater ticket prices have actually gone up as a result, and is monetary proof that its productions are legitimately funny. The trend is said to be copied throughout Spain. Don’t be surprise if this trend find it’s way to the US.

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