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Question Geoff's Hawkman, Shadowhawk Rip Off?

On June 1st in the year 2001 Geoff Johns did what nobody thought possible: the Return of Hawkman in the monthly JSA series. And with a twist... tying him to every past incarnation to some degree. The reincarnation angle was very well done and made for some interesting stories both in JSA and the monthly Hawkman series that Geoff would go to work on. His new origin dated back to ancient Egypt, an eternal love, etc.

But for the life of me I thought I'd read that story somewhere before.

Then it finally hit me. There was a single issue prestige book titled 'Shadowhawks of Legend' that was released in December of 1995. The framing story was written by Kurt Busiek and each ancient Shadowhawk's story was written by a different writer. The other writers included such familiar faces as Beau Smith and ALAN MOORE.

Yep. You read that right. Six years before Geoff Johns would write the Return of Hawkman arc in the monthly JSA comic, some of the best writers in the business fleshed out the Shadowhawk character with nearly the same MO. Here's the cover below. You think it's a coincidence both characters are hawk themed with reincarnation being a key factor in their origins and that BOTH begin in ancient Egypt?

Did Geoff rip off one of the founding Image legacies in his attempt to make Hawkman cool and relevant in the DCU again? I think there's a good chance this particular book inspired his vision whether he'd admit it or not...


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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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No, if anything, they ripped Hawkman off. Geoff Johns' revamp of Hawkman was basically returning him to his original golden age version. The Thanagarian version from the 60s to the 90s we all remember? That was the second take on Carter Hall. The real version, or original one from All-Star Comics and Flash Comics was a guy who was reincarnated from ancient Egypt.

I always loved that run that Johns did. It was as close to the real JSA Hawkman as we were ever going to get.
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