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Question Zero Hour and other Crises' Relation to GL (starting at Vol. 4))

Hey Guys!

I'm new to the GL Universe and I just recently picked up a bunch of comics so I can catch up to the latest stuff. I started getting into it after I saw the movie this summer, which you may find surprising since so many people thought it was bad, lol. I liked it and I just think the GL universe is epic in general.

So, I've been told that GL:Rebirth is a good starting place to catch up, so I'm basically catching up from there up until recent stuff of today. I'm following one of the reading orders posted on this site.

I was wondering how the major DC crises/events affect the series from then on. I know the major ones are Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis, with other things somewhere in between like Zero Hour, Identity Crisis (I think, lol). How/when should these be read in relation to the GL universe? A link to a reading order/list would be greatly appreciated.

Also, should these major crises be read before jumping into GL, so I can get an idea of where the DC universe is in general at that point? I already read Rebirth and the first 10 issues of GL Vol. 4, along with GLC:Recharge and the first 4 issues of GLC Vol. 2, but I don't mind back-tracking a bit to read the major events if that's what's suggested.

*** Oh, and Comixology is having a Zero Hour sale until tomorrow, so if it's recommended I read it, please tell me soon so I can jump on this sale and get all those comics for cheap, lol.

Thanks for the help!!
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