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Default A interesting idea, thoughts welcomed.

So I was going through some of my old journals and found a few notes about a Batman fanfic but they were barely enough to really build anything on and I would like your guys opinions.

"" Setting 1930's Thomas Wayne (African American), Boxer, known as The Robin in the ring for how fast he is. World Heavy Weight Champion, Never lost a fight.

Back story - raised in the ghetto and slums of Gotham, was a gang kid till pulled out of the life by Alfred Pennyworth a former British spy who had been burned and cut loose after a failed assignment. Taught boxing by Alfred.

Grew up and married Martha as his boxing career took off. Now at the top of his game and worth millions of dollars. Approached before shown fight by mob boss (Falcone?) to take a dive in the fight for large amounts of cash. Thomas refuses. Fight happens Thomas wins in 2nd round by TKO.

As they leave the arena Thomas, Martha, and their 9yr old son Bruce, gangsters drive by shooting the front of the place up killing Martha, Thomas and a bullet grazing Bruce's cheek below his right eye.

Alfred takes Bruce in and begins training him in Spy Craft, after college Bruce travels around the world learning other skills, (same as standard continuity)

Returns to Gotham at age 26 starts designing gear for fighting crime, realizes the scar on his face would be a giveaway, so develops a face covering mask with experimental materials to prevent tearing to keep his identity safe.

Bruce using his families wealth starts several construction companies and uses them to start rebuilding the ghetto's and slums of Gotham trying to improve peoples lives. Also using the added funding to help develop the tech he needs for his special endeavor. ""

That's all I have currently, and it's from the dates at least a decade old. I don't know if I want to mess with it anyway. I was never really good at writing Batman stuff. Again thoughts appreciated, and if someone else wants to take this and run with it, have at it.

FYI I claim no ownership or copyright to any element here in, nor do I plan on enforcing any claim to any should any aspect of this be use by someone in the future.

Still though, Good, Bad, Butt Ugly? Opinions welcomed ..
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