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Originally Posted by Big Blue Lantern View Post
I've always wondered how that would work. Writers over the years differed on whether Kryptonians could impregnate humans, but what about the reverse scenario? I seem to remember Jor-El once saying that human DNA and Kryptonian DNA were just too different to produce offspring, but I have no idea how much of that idea ever influenced PG.
Im guessing it would have been a living construct (like Pel Tavin) created from Hals will or something like that since they never had sex just a kiss. It actually ended up in a similar way. Arion a kryptonian mage and the grandfather of Powergirl impregnate her with a mystical baby. Basically cosmic incest. And arguably rape since PG was pissed at Arion and saying how could he have done that with they being family and all that.

Here Emerald Knight/Pel Tavin a full powered Daxamite with a power ring created by the subconscious of Kyle Rayner, saying farewell to Powergirl
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Was PG even Kryptonian at the time? She's wearing that outfit that was supposed to indicate her Atlantean heritage or something, right? (I can't keep track with her)

I am SO glad they didn't saddle Hal with a kid out of wedlock - that is not something I'd ever have any interest in reading...
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