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Ωmega Man
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Default Returning Villains?!

Now that we're going back to basics, what villain concepts would you guys want to return or be reinvented? My top three are probably....

1.) Black Circle Syndicate - As big as it seemed originally there's no way I buy into Amon Sur killing them all after becoming a Sinestro Corpseman. I liked this concept so much I almost got a version of their symbol for a tattoo...

2.) Empire of Tears - Yeah... Atrocitus should just drop the rings and go back to basics himself. I'd love to see this fleshed out more. Space magic is cool too LOL

3.) Effigies - Probably the biggest longshot, but unless Kyle actually killed all those aliens the Controllers turned into fire manipulators... there should be a few red clad bastards out there...

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Mister Ed
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I doubt we will see any villains that arose during Kyle's tenure, with Hal as the star of the comic. As for Empire of Tears, I doubt we would see Atrocitus, given some of the stuff they've said about the series, but the other aspects besides him? Who knows.

I wouldn't mind seeing Evil Star again, personally.

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