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Trey Strain
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Default Software to replace inkers?

I don't think it would be all that difficult to create.
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Andrew NDB
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It really wouldn't. I mean, it's already kind of there.

Also, if you're using like a WACOM... you're essentially inking right off the bat.
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Green Lantern
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I believe traditional inking will always have a place in comic art, because, while you can kind of create software to replace inkers, you really can't create software to get the effect of traditional inking. The lines won't be the same, the nuance won't be the will be different. This isn't to say it will be better or worse. It will just be different. It's the same as...say...watercolor. You can get some filters and brushes in Photoshop to mimic a watercolor effect, but it will not be like the real thing.

Some people, probably many people, won't care one way or the other, but I think there will always be appreciators of traditional inking to keep that method around and viable.

That said, as the industry declines, I can see companies like Marvel and DC cheaping out and bypass paying inkers if they can. However, I think traditional hand done pen and ink will always have value and relevancy as an art medium, because software can't completely emulate its effect in the details, and artists like doing it.

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