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Question The Corps Retitled?

Remember when Morrison took over the Justice League and it was rebranded the JLA? Should the Green Lantern Corps follow suit and the next volume be called 'GLC'?

In my mind, the GLC should be the premiere title of the franchise since it's the one all the others are tied to. With the movie coming out focusing more on the Corps, I think it should be a good bit better than it has been. What we currently know about the future of the Corps is scarce. HJ&theGLC is ending at #50 while GLs seems to be continuing to the point of cancellation [putting Jurgens on the title all but guarantees this]. And Grant Morrison will be writing something of a new GL title, with a rumored theme of Hal investigating the degeneration of the universe/multiverse. John is in the new JL title. Cruz is in the JL:O spin-off title in space.

Kyle, Guy, and Baz's roles moving forward are unknown at this point. As well as the rest of the GLC. Will the Corps get shelved until closer to the movie's premiere?

[this turned into more of an open discussion of the Corps moving forward and not just the title thing, obviously... lol]

- Ω
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