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Default Another old member returns.

Been so long, I'm not sure I'm remembered...

I found some of my old messages going back to 2008, but the old London account was, I think connected to an email that no longer exists. Thus, a complete reboot for my return here.

I was a comic shop owner during my last time here, and it got too busy trying to keep that place alive. Then it went out of business anyway. And then restarted. The newer store is still around, but I stepped out of the biz to keep the family life alive.

Back to being a fan again, and it feels good to read for fun instead of keeping up with a couple hundred titles for customer info. A flood at my house wiped out most of my Silver Age DC books, but I have decided to rebuild the run, just to keep myself out of trouble.

GL an obvious favorite. Like them all, even Guy. :-p

Hal is the all timer for me, as someone reading since, well, 1973. I was 8.

Anyway, with Twitter and social media eroding message board traffic, I am very happy to see this place still here. I prefer hanging with the hardcore fans, and you all must be it.

And yes, I get a little long winded. Great to be back,

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