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I want to keep the Emotional Spectrum, the various colors and such.

Except for Ultraviolet. That garbage has got to go.

We've had the Source Wall broken in JLA. Isn't that where 5/7 of the Emotional Entities went after Blackest Night? Only Parallax and Ophidian should be left. But if the Source Wall is broken, then why can't the Emotional Entities return as well? All this "ooh, ahh" over the Strong Force (should be called the Strength Force, IMHO, we've already got a Strong Force), Still Force, etc, when the Emotional Entities could be used again.

But Ganthet and Sayd failed to use Kyle Rayner to bring back the Blue Lantern Corps, Kyle depowered back to Green only, and now Saint Walker is the sole BL. Atrocitus is still out there somewhere. Is Carol Ferris still a Star Sapphire? The Indigo Tribe has disappeared. And nobody knows what happened to Soranik Natu and the neutered Sinestro Corps.

It's like these high-school-educated script writers in the DC building can't stand to use anyone else's ideas, they have to invent "all new! Never seen before!" plots. There was a recent resurge of old 1980 GLC characters (F-Sharp Bell), but then the good artists for the series are dropped and we get crappy artists who can't draw our GLC the way it should be drawn. And the continuity is thrown from the train.

Consistency. That's what GL needs.
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