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Default The Rest of the DCU...

We all have our own guilty pleasure characters, morts we're fans of, there's even a few of us who are still fans of the Quality and Charlton characters that DC purchased. Those are all something we've talked about before, but what I'd like to get down to is the rest of the DCU. Remember when the New52 began and the LAST comic anybody ever thought they'd see again was Resurrection Man? That's the kinda thing I'm talking about. I'm only gonna bring up two that I really thought added a lot more to the DCU than people realized despite one not being set in the DCU itself.

Major Bummer:

The tale of a guy with crazy strength who wants nothing to do with superheroics. You could have a character like this in every superhero universe and it'd be a cool story. TPTB really should've set this in the DCU, but characters making fun of the genre really didn't get big until....


The only good thing to come from the original Bloodlines. To be honest... back then I didn't even know he was attached to that storyline. He was such a great character it really didn't matter. Some of the superhero wannabes in this are similar to those that show up in Major Bummer. With Hitman, he was just the best guns & ammo guy DC had for this generation. He had that little bit of an x factor like Deadpool when he blew up in the 90's. Sure, there's stuff in Hitman I didn't care for [mainly the sodomy of a roofied Kyle Rayner] but there was so much win with the rest of the series.

Any other fans of these two concepts? Was there anything else out there that stood on its own you'd like to see return? Monolith? Simon Darkk? Anima? Primal Force? Animal Man and Swamp Thing would've been on the list but they were already more integrated into the DCU proper. I even liked a couple characters from that Young Heroes in Love series that was only loosely set in the DCU. I think they got a 1 Million issue even....

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