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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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Messner-Loebs has been on hard times for years now. I first heard about his troubles several years ago when there was a fundraising attempt to help with his health care. I'm sorry to hear things have gotten worse and not better for the guy.

I remember and appreciate him most from his run on The Flash. A lot of fans don't think about his and Mike Baron's runs that predated Mark Waid's run because that's when the Flash title ultimately found it's groove and it's audience. But Messner-Leobs and Baron did serviceable jobs shepparding the Flash from the Bates era to the Waid one. He told a lot of good stories. He really used Wally's mom as a character. As well as making Pied Piper Wally's token gay friend. That seems like nothing now but was kind of a big deal back in the day. And I suppose I can fogive him for "Porcupine Man" lol. Those stories were good times and I was a teenager during them, really into my Flash fandom at that time. Those issues in his Flash run will never leave my Flash longboxes.

I hope he gets some help getting back on his feet. At his age he should be retired and enjoying his golden years. I assume his disabilities have likely kept him from making any kind of a nest egg and hurt his ability to retire. I've read several interviews with him where he seemed angry at the system. In retrospect I can see why he has the leftist political views that he does. I wish him the best.
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Michael Heide
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Let's also not forget his stellar run on Wonder Woman. It was hurt by being so soon after Perez, and the biker shorts redesign was atrocious, but neither was his fault.
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