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Michael Heide
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Then again, this could be J'onn's Mister Miracle maxiseries. It's way past time he got the spotlight again. His DC You series was missed by 99.3% of comic book readers, and before that, the last time he was relevant was when the New52 launched Wildstorm's Stormwatch book with him as a charter member, and that went with replacing him with Cyborg in the Justice League.
If it takes a shoehorned origin trauma, meh, whatever. At least that creates a bit of hype around the book.
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Lil' Leaguer
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DC Comics December 2018 Solicitations

Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore...the fact that it'll be recolored makes me nervous though.
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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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Absolute Alan Moore Swamp Thing?!? Finally?!? Take my money!!!!

I am going to read the solicits now so maybe this has been answered, but perhapsDC can get Tatjana Wood to redo the colors?
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