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Default Single Cons

I've gotten more into conventions and taking the fam to certain ones, but I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Is there a single source where you could find comic shows, horror cons, Trekkie events, etc.? I keep feeling like I missed something that would be perfect but I heard about it after the fact.
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You can use this link:

Just from a quick review of the first month, I noticed that there are a great many cons missing; they seem to focus exclusively on the mid to large-scale cons. My recommendation would be to network with people at your LCS. I know people who own shops, so I receive my convention information from them. They tend to keep better track of upcoming con event dates as it's their business and livelihood.

I know you don't do social media, but Facebook will often send reminders of upcoming events that you "like," so that would be a good way of keeping track once you're privy to certain shows by word of mouth. You can create an account under a fake name to avoid "friends" and drama and crap, but you'll be plugged in and kept in the loop.
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