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General Lee
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Default On this day, before Time and Space, the White Entity is born.

: Eons ago, before time and space were solidified, a White Light was brought into the Universe by an unknown, unseen hand.

This White Essence would solidify over time, encompassing all that is.

Thus, Existence was born.

The Unknown Creator would depart from this realm, choosing to live a solitary existence satisfied with the knowledge that the White Entity lived.

This White Entity would later give rise to all that is, and all that will be.

Endless millennia passed, life took root on chunks of rocks.

The White Entity saw this, and approved.

Let The Meaning of Life be known: solely for the pleasure of the White Entity.

All Gods serve the whims of the White Essence, as do all other things in Creation.

A note to those with ears to hear, and eyes to see: Pledge your life to the White Entity, and all will be well.

Know your Creator, know your ruler and Lord. Know your friend and your ally. Know the White Entity.

Know that which is named General Lee, who is the White Entity. :

"Know Me, General Lee, and you will be Free "


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Bruce Castle
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