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Default Another rumor: Kyle Rayner show at HBO Max?

A new rumor suggests Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti is developing a Green Lantern Corps show for HBOMax starring Kyle Rayner.

The rumor comes from TVO at The Lords of the Long Box.

He reports, “Greg Berlanti is developing a Green Lantern Corps TV show for HBOMax featuring everybody’s favorite Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.”

TVO explains that Hal Jordan is hands off because they plan to use him in the movies. He then points to the idea that Arrow’s John Diggle is really John Stewart in disguise. TVO notes, “John Stewart is already on Arrow with John Diggle discovering last season who he really is, if you guys have been paying attention. So we don’t know where that’s going to go. Remember John Diggle’s fathers name is Stewart. So watch out for that.” He continues, “John Stewart Green Lantern will temporarily be seen during the Crisis crossover.” He adds, “Otherwise he’s being held back as well.”

TVO then discusses why it’s going to be on HBO Max, “I’m being told it’s going to be on HBO Max because that’s the one that could give it the best budget. They don’t want to have to put it on The CW because The CW just wouldn’t do it justice.”

HBO Max will be the home to Doom Patrol. It’s unclear if DC Universe’s Titans will join them, but Berlanti is behind Titans as well as the Arrowverse show. It’s possible this Kyle Rayner Green Lantern show could be a spin-off from Titans. Rayner was fast friends with Titans member Wally West in the comics. However, West did not appear in Titans Season 1. However, he is rumored to appear in Season 2.
I'll take this with a whole salt mine full of salt, but we just discussed in the Diggle series thread that a Kyle series wouldn't be the worst idea right now.
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