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Question The City on Oa?

I've always wondered... has this ever really been touched on? Does the city even have a name? There are always several buildings and such on Oa (and now Mogo), generally around the Central Battery. While I can understand some of them are barracks for new Lanterns, gyms, mess halls, Sciencells, Guardians' chambers, etc... what about the rest? Guy had the Big W Bar and Grill with an alien staff of non-Lanterns. Was there more stuff like that? Other alien non-Lanterns living on Oa with day jobs, places to eat, perhaps places to blow off steam? Maybe survivors of universe wide annihilation are offered a home there?

Like this, what's all of this about?

Even military bases, at least from my knowledge of them here in the US, are like smaller cities with stores, fast food places, etc. Do you think it's about time they got into it with this city/military type base? Or am I the only one that thinks about stuff like this? There's so much potential in this it's ridiculous. Maybe there's more than one city on Oa?

So... has there ever been anything in the comics? I'm not as familiar with the stuff prior to vol. 3, but I am curious if they've ever tried developing it before.

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