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Default Green Lantern #45 *Previews/Spoilers*

Green Lantern #45 Preview
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Billy Tan

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Default :Moderator:

Well that was quick...3 minutes to read? Not bad I guess, but I'll be happy when this comic "gets going" a bit, so far a lot of it feels like filler in between filler. Anyone think that after Hal fixes Blacky, if he does, all the stuff he turned to stone will revive?
Unfortunately the next arc will probably involve those mercenary dudes which I'm not overly excited about.

On a side note, it's too bad pre-NU52 Henshaw never ran into this version of Black Hand.
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I liked it, but I thought Hal seemed a little nonchalant with Black Hand. He's been on the trail of this Source-Wall planet killing and when he finds him (granted something caused BH to be this way against his will), he seems like "oh, it's you, oh well, come with me."
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Two stars, I'm feeling generous.

The plot was entirely predictable, as Hal Jordan has been trying to track the progress of the Medusa petrifaction of several planets, including the home world of one of Darlene's passengers, for some time now. Hal also doesn't trust anybody else onboard the starship, including the starship itself, because when he finally connects the dots and has Earth in the targeting sights, Hal dumps the others and goes off on his own. Again. While this may entice some readers with a surprise meeting between Hal and Black Hand it's a lousy fictional plot device.

So while Hal and Black Hand have their big meeting we're treated to Darlene confusing the Earth idiom of "stopping and smelling the roses". While Trapper and the former prince argue inside. Black Hand is willing to listen to some people about his condition with the Medusa plague, just not Hal Jordan, it turns out. And thus we end part 1 of 2 of the big fight.

Artwork was sub-par, not nearly as bad as the recent Annual but not praiseworthy, either. Little inconsistencies like how much of Black Hand's arms are stonework or not kept cropping up. At least the energy constructs from Krona's Gauntlet were average and the right consistency. Long-haired Hal looks like a different person, however.

Another "meh" issue, you could almost skip it if #46 does any backstory on #45 whatsoever. Zero motion on moving the plot forward - after all, we all knew Hal was going to have to catch up to Black Hand, it was just a matter of time. Hal knows without the GLC that Sinestro and others are going to step into the power vacuum, but there are more pressing matters at hand. Like Black Hand. So we'll keep waiting for Green Lantern to get a higher temperature than "simmer".
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Originally Posted by jhpace1 View Post
Another "meh" issue...

I feel like they introduced an intriguing new status quo for Hal and have failed to make it exciting at almost every turn.
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