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Default The life cycle of message boards

Internet message board are declining. Here are are some of the reasons I've noticed for it. I'm not saying that any of them apply to this board. They're just general trends.

-- What the board is about can stop being a hot topic.

-- People have only so much to say about any subject. After they've said most of it, they won't talk as much.

-- Facebook is out there. Like it or not, it's popular because people don't have to filter their opinions through anyone else, and they don't have to talk to anyone who they don't know or like.

-- A clique of regulars tends to eventually emerge and to dominate a board, and to form a "conventional wisdom." Newcomers and some old-timers might not embrace that "wisdom."

-- Censorship and bannings tend to be arbitrary and personal. Mods and owners sometimes think that bannings will increase discussion, but it usually does the opposite. Most banned people have some friends on the board who out of solidarity with them will stop posting.

-- Some mods and owners take the attitude that they're doing contributors a favor by letting them post, when it's actually the posters who are doing the service, by writing content for them.

If you add all that up, you'll see that message boards have a life cycle. They're born, they rise, they fall and they die. They're not eternal.
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