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I think DC's biggest failure was not completely establishing their universe before making Justice League. The movie felt like a panicked frenzy to catch up with Marvel as opposed to working at their own pace to build the foundation.

Aquaman and Flash, cornerstones and founding members of the league should have at least had their own solo movies before colliding worlds. Had that happened, they wouldn't have had to spend precious screen time on their albeit brief backstories and perhaps they could have used that time and given us a reason to care about Cyborg. That time would have additionally given them more bandwidth to spend on Steppenwolf and to iron out the film's other many wrinkles.

JL was like taking the Fast & Furious franchise, making part 1 & 2, then skipping (Tokyo Drift and part 4) onto Fast 5.
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Batman v Superman v Captain America: Civil War - Why One Worked and One Didn’t

Want to know why ‘Batman v Superman’ failed where ‘Captain America: Civil War’ succeeded? This video compares both movies, and finds that one scene they both share made all the difference.
+ YouTube Video
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The new answer to Kevin Fiege should be Bruce Timm. Look what he did crafting the animated DCU around the Justice League. From a story standpoint he could see the bigger picture because he actually gets it.

Another thing Marvel quit attempting was making movie tie in video games. With DC/WB already in good with Rockstar and the success of Arkham games.... they need to start trying to appeal to that audience again.

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