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Originally Posted by W.West View Post
GLC? Yes he would. Unless John Stewart is Denzel Washington, then the Hal Jordan needs to pull his weight in star power. We're talking about a franchise that RECENTLY blew its shot at success and a character that is still not in the upper echelon of pop culture heroes.
Yeah, if you want an older Hal with starpower, then ... Brad Pitt! Don't laugh, it's not an insane idea - when was the last time the man had a big hit? He's in the middle of a divorce, he's been supplanted by Ryan Gosling as THE hot guy, maybe he wants a little RDJ/Depp money by cashing in on a big franchise while he still can be in super-hero shape... He can definitely pull off cocky test pilot and/or more grizzled veteran and is imo, a better actor than Cavill or Affleck.
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