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Default Clique Comics - My personal brand (large images)

Around the same time i started reading comics, I also thought "you know, with all the toys you have, you should just make your own." So I tried. So far I haven't really gotten very far. My problem is, I like having some sort of back story to start from, and have a direction in place first. Unfortunately its been hard to come up with something solid until now (about a year later). Oh, and I keep buying toys off e-bay and planning on using them, so I have to postpone everything until I get them, which by that time I've already bought more and so on. Anyway, perhaps over the next year I'll have a bit more complete.

Here are my initial attempts, starting with a shitty web-cam:

My idea was to take pics of my guys, then superimpose them on real backgrounds, then edit using MS Paint (high tech here)

Here are some Digital Cam pics with no backgrounds:

There you have it.

edit: Oh yeah, as to who will be in the comics. Everyone. As many toys as I can possibly have will be in action. That means 4 Batmen, 2 Cyclops', 2 Red Tornados, Lots of Supermen, 2 Wolverines+Weapon X, 2 Apocolypses, you get the picture. Why? Why not? And we arent talking clones here, there will be different reasons why their are duplicates for each.
The initial premise is that the Marvel U was destroyed by Thanos and Apocolypse, sending most of their characters over to DC. As for MotU, I'm just going to say they were always in DC U, same with GI Joe and TMNT.

Its going to be a Marvel/DC/Gi Joe/MotU/TMNT for the first few story arcs. Then the Transformers will come into play (none of those pics are "cannon") through Unicron or something like that.

Anyway thats all for now, if anyone wants to hear more i'll gladly tell ya.
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